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Secure Colocation ProviderSecure Colocation

Great Lakes Communication provides a turn-key solution providing everything a company might need to host servers, critical data and applications in a carrier-grade facility.  As a facility-based competitive local exchange carrier we can offer our clients a combination of data and voice services to provide a total solution. The facility was built to fully operate and be monitored remotely.

Customers can access their equipment between normal business hours 8 AM - 5 PM (CST), Monday through Friday.  After hours service is available 24/7, so we are ready if a crisis occurs.

Although no data center can protect against every unforeseen event, GLCC has incorporated seismic braces into its centers' walls to protect against F5 tornadoes and hurricane scale winds.  By using the latest in tiered design standards, the facility offers a fully redundant solution to clients.  This is based upon a 2N design, where all critical components of the facility are replicated and able to be maintained independently without affecting facility operation, including a pair of 250 kW generators, UPS and HVAC systems, ensuring 24 hours of uptime backup power if necessary before refueling.

Utilizing the latest technologies, the facility was designed as an unmanned data center able to fully operate and monitor critical systems, data and voice applications remotely.  Staff can adjust bandwidth and power based on system demand, reboot servers and provide normal maintenance without stepping foot into the facility.

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