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GLCC FacilityFacility

Great Lakes Communications Data Center is strategically located to mitigate risks for your business.

The 2,500 square foot data center is structurally engineered to withstand F5 tornadic winds and extreme weather elements.  By using the latest in Tiered design standards, it offers a fully redundant solution to clients.  This is based upon a 2N design, where all critical components of the facility are replicated and able to be maintained independently without affecting facility operation, including dual 250 kW generators, UPS and HVAC systems, ensuring 24 hours of uptime.  In addition, there are two autonomous 10 Gig fiber paths connecting at the facility, providing businesses with ready access to large volumes of bandwidth.

By utilizing advancements in free cooling technology, the facility maintains low costs and green operations.  The facility will be securely monitored 24 /7 by remote video surveillance and access control products.  GLCC staff will work with local businesses to develop disaster recovery strategies that provide ideas on how to respond after disruptive events occur, along with business continuity planning for off-site storage and hosting needs.

2 times the fiber generatorsgreen optionsfully redundantreliable ups hvac24/7 security24/7 uptime